Queenstown Preschool and Nursery are a non-profit organisation that puts community and whanaungatanga / relationships first.

All profits go into the education and care of our tamariki.

We operate on lower ratios than the Ministry of Education recommends.
It is our belief that through lower ratios kaiako / teachers are able to develop warm, caring, reciprocal and supportive relationships with all our tamariki and their whānau.


The centre consists of an under 2 area and over 2 areas, with the over 2 indoor learning environment divided into two rooms, the Kiwi room and the Moa room.
Each room is led by a Qualified Team Leader with teams of kaiako/teachers that are dedicated to making you and your child’s experience with us the best it can be. We believe in building the foundations for life-long learning.


The Tui room (the Nursery) is licensed for 20 tamariki, aged 3 months to 2 years old with a minimum Teacher/child ratio of 1:4.

We have a Key Teaching philosophy focused around relationships, and a warm, inviting transition process consisting of 6 visits, where Key Kaiako/Teachers work with you and your tamaiti/child individually.


The Preschool is licensed for 50 tamariki with a Teacher/child ratio of 1:8.

The Kiwi room is equipped for tamariki aged 2 – 4 years old with a focus on enhancing individual strengths, relationships, and fun. The transition process consists of at least 6 visits.

The Moa room is equipped for tamariki aged 3 to 6 years old with a focus on autonomy, learning through play, and social skills. The transition process consists of at least 1 week of visits.

We understand that leaving your tamaiti / child in the care of others can be a scary and nervous process for many, and is often your first time doing so.

Kaiako / Teachers are trained and experienced in making this transition as easy as possible for all concerned. Your child’s Key Kaiako will work with you throughout the transition process to learn all about your tamaiti and your whānau.

Education Review Report

All early childhood services are reviewed by the Education Review Office every three years. This ensures that we are providing quality education and care while meeting the regulations and requirements set out by the Ministry of Education. A copy of our most recent review is available in the bookcase in the foyer, and on the Education Review Office website.

Planning for Learning

At QPN we believe in teaching from the heart. Our environments are enriched with learning experiences based on tamariki interests, strengths, and individual care needs.

Your child’s day will mostly consist of tamariki-led experiences, with some kaiako-led experiences incorporated into the learning environment. Our environments are set to promote curiosity, creativity, problem-solving, and wonder.

There are daily programmes within the rooms that guide us, however, do not restrict us. We place value in being flexible, and allowing tamariki as much uninterrupted play as possible. We recognise that each individual child’s needs are different and adjust the environment and strategies accordingly. Our kaiako are skilled in building learning moments and curriculum into individual and group play.

We do have scheduled kai times in the day, as we believe this to be a time for coming together, giving thanks and enjoying one another’s company. However again, flexibility around this is always available to meet tamariki needs. For tamariki under the age of 2, we take the lead from you and endeavour to follow your routines from home as much as possible.

We are guided by Te Whāriki, the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum, our Centre Philosophy, and our Learning Priorities for children.


Transitioning into the Centre

As whanaungatanga / relationships are at the forefront of our philosophy, it is important to us that we begin a partnership with you in regards to your child’s learning and well-being right from the start.

We are here for you to speak openly with at any stage. Your child’s Key Kaiako will keep you updated throughout the transition process to discuss progress and needs.

Upon enrolment, you will receive a Welcome Pack that consists of all information you need to know about enrolling with us. This also contains the contact details for management and Team leaders. Although the pack has all the necessary information, we understand that talking to someone is often far easier and thus welcome your conversations. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

A good idea to help your child’s transition process is for you and your child to decide on a ‘good-bye routine’ prior to your child’s first day, notifying the teacher of your intentions and then carrying it through quietly and then departing. If you would like some suggestions, again please just speak with us on your first visit, we are more than happy to help.

If your child has a cuddly blanket or toy that they love, we wholeheartedly encourage you to bring this with your child. Having an item from home that helps your child feel safe here is like us adults having our phones with us when going on a long drive. Without your phone, you feel lost, and for children, without that item, they too feel lost. Security items like these are welcome at any age and stage throughout their time here with us at QPN.

During your transition visits, you will be shown all the information boards/areas within the rooms and how to utilise these.

In the TUI ROOM there are:

Parent Communication whiteboard
Nappy change chart
Key Kaiako Windows- with sleep times
Meal & Bottle chart

In the KIWI ROOM there are:

Parent Communication whiteboard
Nappy change/Toilet chart
Sleep Chart
Communication Pockets

In the MOA ROOM there are:

Parent Communication whiteboard
Communication Pockets

Your best source of information is talking with the staff, however, we do ask that you check these boards at the end of each day to ensure you have all the relevant information that you need and make use of the Parent communication board to relay any important messages.